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Ace Comfort Heating and Cooling Home Air Checks filters Kalispell MT

We Do Indoor Air Quality Checks

Are you having a hard time breathing, or suffering with coughing, sneezing or red eyes? You probably have an air quality issue in your home. We can evaluate your air and make recommendations based on our findings.

9 out of 10 homes have indoor air quality issues* We're here to help you be in the 1 in 10!


Energy Efficency Home Checks in Kalispell MT

We Do Energy Efficiency

Free system and home analysis with recommended energy saving options. Find out what rebates and tax credits are currently available!



Ductless Heat Pump Home Residential Installation Kalispell MT

We Do Ductless Heat & Air Systems

Versatile, duct free installation, quick comfort turnaround time.



Napoleon Fireplace Installation in Kalispell MT

We Do Ambient Fireplaces

We can install gas fireplaces that add warmth and that perfect cozy atmosphere to your home.


Geothermal heating cooling Installation in Kalispell MT

We Do Geothermal

Geothermal installations can tap into the energy of the earth and be utilized to regulate the temperature of your home. It is extremely energy efficient and perfect for our Montana climate. This is worth learning about!

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Air Conditioning in Kalispell MT

We Do Comfort

Do you experience dry skin, allergies, watering eyes and/or temperature fluctuations? There are many ways that air can be conditioned or controlled to assure that your living space is comfortable, clean and enjoyable.


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